Mantle was born out of the need to dynamically create 3D environments in an easy, performant and design-capable manner.


Mantle started life as the level design tool for the game Fractured Skyline in development at Preliminal Games
Over time, with the aid of IC Tomorrow funding and in partnership with Crytek UK, the tool grew into a stand-alone prototype in 2014. Further work on the tool in Winter 2015 saw Mantle (as Preliminal Games) named a Diamond Winner of the Mass Challenge 2015 accelerator and its direction was set.

Founded in March 2016 Mantle is now acquiring a talented and dedicated core team. Mantle 1.0 for Unity was approved and released on the Unity Asset Store in July 2016 and the team are now developing new features and supporting our growing user base.


Dean Gifford

CEO & Founder

Isaac Dart

CTO & Founder

Rob Precious

Advisor & Non-Exec Director


Yvonne Jackson

Technical Designer

Sam Amantea-Collins

Graphics Programmer