Announcing Mantle Mapbox integration in development!

As our first devblog post I'm very pleased to be able to showcase something we've been working on since the Mantle 1.0 release.

We're committed to expanding Mantle’s mapping services and format support and as part of that mission we're announcing support for Mapbox! Check out some in-progress shots of our Mapbox vector tile integration and protobuffer format support.

I'm personally a huge Mapbox fan having used Mapbox tiles designed with Mapbox Studio for game development in the past. Anything that brings good workflow and user experience into working with detailed map data gets two thumbs up from me.

If you use Mapbox data in your own projects already then the environments generated in Mantle will match up perfectly.

We should also mention 3D terrain generation support! We’ve got Mapbox elevation tiles working in dev right now and it’s really exciting not only to see 3D terrain but also the areas with support for super high detail.

We’ll go into more detail because 3D terrain definitely deserves it's own post. It’s not far off, promise :)

Providing support for the protobuf format has also been on our internal roadmap for some time. This integration now makes it much easier to provide future support for other protobuf based services, which ESRI announced support for last year. Being able to create protobuf tiles from ArcGIS content means potential to feed that content straight into Mantle, providing some great workflows for shared and custom data sets for detailed project areas.

There's still more work to do. We have resilience testing and optimisation to do as well as making sure internal systems play nicely with multiple map source formats that are vastly different.

Right now we're aiming for it to be part of the 1.1 release but we'll keep you up to date.

Until then, I'm off to walk around the hills of San Francisco again!


Work-in-progress: Buildings, land use areas and transport routes generated from Mapbox Streets vector tiles

Fantasy environment created using Mapbox Streets as a generation 'seed'

All meshes generated from Mapbox layers

Terrain generated from Mapbox San Francisco test elevation data