Mapbox Custom Style support releasing in 1.3

Along with a host of other revisions and new features in Mantle 1.3 comes Mapbox Custom Style support!

Mapbox Custom Moonlight Style in blue as an image overlay in Mantle

Mapbox Custom Moonlight Style in blue as an image overlay in Mantle

For those of you using Mapbox Studio to create custom styles for your projects you can now directly load your custom style image tiles directly into Unity via Mantle as an image overlay with the standard support for generating buildings, landuse areas and of course Mantle's granular styling system to procedurally decorate it with 3D objects and textures.

All you need to get it working is a free Mapbox account and to copy your username and map style code from inside Mapbox Studio and voila.

If you're not currently using Mapbox it's worth pointing out that they're now releasing premium styles for users to add to their libraries such as the recently released Moonlight style. What this means for you is a load of professionally designed map styles for free that you can now bring directly into your Mantle scene, draping over landscape and buildings.

It's a feature we've been asked for often and we're pleased to finally be able to make it available in 1.3 coming to the Asset Store shortly!

Massive 1.3 Update coming: New GUI, map layers and more!

With tonnes of refinements, new features and capabilities it goes without saying that we're super excited for Mantle 1.3 with such significant updates that it feels like an entirely new piece of software.

Mantle 1.3 GUI Update: Scene grid and dedicated Tab based Mantle window

Mantle 1.3 GUI Update: Scene grid and dedicated Tab based Mantle window

With mere days before it arrives in the Asset Store it's time to peel back the wrapping.

  • Epic UI and workflow overhaul introducing tabs, a dedicated Mantle Window all in a ‘Mantle Pro’ skin
  • Support for 10 new map image overlay services providing a huge range of environment imagery overlay options
  • Support for Mapbox user created map style image tiles
  • In-scene visualisation reference of the target generation area grid organised by map tile
  • Transport network data exposed in world for developers to build upon
  • Geofence data exposed in world for mapping Lat/Lng <-> Unity coordinates
  • Additive generation enabling consecutive Generation runs to seamlessly integrate into scene
  • Map Zoom option for generation of larger tiles (with less detail)
  • Inclusion of transport kind detail condition for more refined transport styling
  • Major upgrade for transport rendering to control junction and intersection styles (currently in beta)
  • Option to render invisible transport networks if preferring image based roads during runtime vehicle simulation
  • Mapzen MVT format made available
  • Mapzen individual vector layer options made available
  • Option to not combine roads for access to individual street names
  • Updates to Map Cache - click to view / delete cached map server data

In addition we have a dedicated documentation site to go live that will provide much more in depth support. We'll put out a post when it's live later this week.

All this along with the bugfixes, stability and speed optimisations as well, there's loads reasons to pick it up if you haven't already.

...And we're back! Mantle 1.2 returns to the Asset Store!

After a brief outage on the Asset Store Mantle 1.2 has returned. Those of you wishing to update your Mantle version can once again download it via the Store and those of you wishing to purchase, now you can!

We're sad that we've missed the Unity super sale earlier this month and so we're making plans to support our own sale until another one is available to us. We'll let you know on the site and also the newsletter - so sign up!.

In a nutshell the reason for Mantle's vacation was that the Asset Store team objected to us wanting to collect anonymous usage stats about our users. On the surface this sounds kind of reasonable, they don't want assets to be phoning home at all and creating issues where they could be unreliable, or worse.

However consider that the Asset Store doesn't actually provide publishers with any customer purchase detail whatsoever aside from a sales count. We have no idea who has purchased, where they have purchased or even on what day. We can't provide direct outreach for users with known versions when we discover errors and instead need to broadcast on our site or newsletters which may not reach the right customers. 

As a product we're building as a business obviously this concerns us and we're requesting the Asset Store team make more information available to Asset Store publishers in the future. While they readily admit it's outgrown itself in the meantime it means that we simply have to wait until that changes or until we move away from the Asset Store.

Thanks for everyone's emails and notes and we've got loads to announce over the coming weeks.

Mapzen API key update

For those of you using Mapzen content inside Mantle, note that as of March they're requiring registration of a free API key in order to make tile requests as discussed on the Mapzen Blog.

All this requires you to do to continue using the Mapzen service within Mantle, is to go to their site and register for a free developer key. Mantle also has a button right next to the API key field that will take you directly to the Mapzen signup page.

Return to Mantle and simply copy and paste your Mapzen API key directly into the field in the Mantle Datasource.


Mantle 1.2 released, wicked new features

Over the weekend the kind folks at Unity approved the latest Mantle 1.2 release which is now live in the store. If you've already purchased Mantle you can download the update through the store right now. If you're yet to purchase it's waiting for you along with all our other standard features.

The New Year's fireworks had barely died away before our team started ramping up to the 1.2 build candidate and with the new core features as well as a host of improvements there's good reason to be excited.

1.2 adds a major new data layer feature - Map image tiles.
While most other mapping solutions focus on the map image tiles first, for us they are further down the food chain being categorised as decoration. When you're algorithmically building a 3D environment from scratch using data, pixels aren't the cleanest of sources.

Image tiles do however add amazing context to your environments very quickly and as they can be draped over terrain and building roofs while being handled at per style element level. It means you can colour and style large areas easily simply by using image tiles providing a workflow to fit the look of your project.

We've provided 5 different map image tile endpoints for you to experiment with and there's more on the way:

  • OpenStreetMap basic tiles
  • Mapbox Satellite tiles
  • Stamen Watercolour
  • Stamen Terrain
  • Stamen Toner Lite

Search and area selection UI has also been significantly updated.
There's no longer a requirement to use an external map website to grab your locations. Tapping the new Search button opens a window that provides dynamic address searching to locate the exact spot you're after. Once you've found the address the area is instantly previewed right in the window using a choice of any of the image tiles above to give an immediate impression of the area you've chosen.

There's a huge amount of new UI and even more features on the way! Sign up for the mailing list to get info about what those new features might be and get information about closed beta opportunities.

Happy building!

Video: Mantle Live preview at Unite LA

We recently presented at Unite LA 2016 and as well as demonstrating Mantle's easy to use style workflow we also showed off Mantle Live - our runtime world streaming plugin that we demoed running on Android.

Courtesy of Unity we can now make the video of the whole presentation available for you to check out below. We've got more news about Mantle Live coming in the new year.

You may even find more information in the video on how to be among the first to give it a test run.

Mapbox data now available in Mantle 1.1!

Mantle's data capabilities just doubled with the addition of Mapbox Vector Tiles now released in the 1.1 version of Mantle Environment System on the Unity Asset Store.

The addition of Mapbox Vector Tiles to Mantle's data layer library provides you global coverage for landuse, transport systems and building heights enabling content generation anywhere on earth. Existing Mapbox users know just how powerful a tool that is; just why we've been working so hard to bring you Mapbox support.

Mapbox Vector Tiles in NYC: building heights, land use, transport systems and more now in Mantle 1.1

Mapbox Vector Tiles in NYC: building heights, land use, transport systems and more now in Mantle 1.1

Mapbox have also provided free API key access so that you can get started quickly and easily within Mantle. If you're already a Mapbox customer, no problem, it's also easy to enter your existing API key.

Mapbox Vector Tiles are just the beginning of the awesome power you'll soon be able to wield within Mantle and we'll have more news for you on that front very shortly.

Check out the new features of Mantle 1.1 right here!

Mantle Candidate Submitted!

The Mantle 1.0 candidate has been submitted to the Unity Asset Store! We're super excited and can't wait for you to get your hands on it. Sign up for the mailing list to hear all the latest on updates, features in development and tutorial information!

We're at Unite Europe!

Next week sees the Mantle Team at Unite Europe 16 in Amsterdam checking out all the Unity announcements and showing off all Mantle's capabilities.

If you'd like to meet up, see Mantle in action and get access to the private beta get in touch!

Did we mention we're also giving away custom Mantle Lego USB keys to selected users who have an amazing world they NEED to create? 

Hit us up on Twitter or email and tell us how you would use Mantle in your own project!

We're at Pioneers500!

Tuesday and Wednesday next week sees us demoing the latest build of Mantle at Pioneers500 festival in Vienna.

If you're going or know anyone who will be there, tell them to come and check out our stand for a hands-on look at Mantle!

Pioneers Festival, May 24-25th, 2016
Hofburg Vienna Kongresszentrum
Heldenplatz 1
1010 Vienna