...And we're back! Mantle 1.2 returns to the Asset Store!

After a brief outage on the Asset Store Mantle 1.2 has returned. Those of you wishing to update your Mantle version can once again download it via the Store and those of you wishing to purchase, now you can!

We're sad that we've missed the Unity super sale earlier this month and so we're making plans to support our own sale until another one is available to us. We'll let you know on the site and also the newsletter - so sign up!.

In a nutshell the reason for Mantle's vacation was that the Asset Store team objected to us wanting to collect anonymous usage stats about our users. On the surface this sounds kind of reasonable, they don't want assets to be phoning home at all and creating issues where they could be unreliable, or worse.

However consider that the Asset Store doesn't actually provide publishers with any customer purchase detail whatsoever aside from a sales count. We have no idea who has purchased, where they have purchased or even on what day. We can't provide direct outreach for users with known versions when we discover errors and instead need to broadcast on our site or newsletters which may not reach the right customers. 

As a product we're building as a business obviously this concerns us and we're requesting the Asset Store team make more information available to Asset Store publishers in the future. While they readily admit it's outgrown itself in the meantime it means that we simply have to wait until that changes or until we move away from the Asset Store.

Thanks for everyone's emails and notes and we've got loads to announce over the coming weeks.