Massive 1.3 Update coming: New GUI, map layers and more!

With tonnes of refinements, new features and capabilities it goes without saying that we're super excited for Mantle 1.3 with such significant updates that it feels like an entirely new piece of software.

Mantle 1.3 GUI Update: Scene grid and dedicated Tab based Mantle window

Mantle 1.3 GUI Update: Scene grid and dedicated Tab based Mantle window

With mere days before it arrives in the Asset Store it's time to peel back the wrapping.

  • Epic UI and workflow overhaul introducing tabs, a dedicated Mantle Window all in a ‘Mantle Pro’ skin
  • Support for 10 new map image overlay services providing a huge range of environment imagery overlay options
  • Support for Mapbox user created map style image tiles
  • In-scene visualisation reference of the target generation area grid organised by map tile
  • Transport network data exposed in world for developers to build upon
  • Geofence data exposed in world for mapping Lat/Lng <-> Unity coordinates
  • Additive generation enabling consecutive Generation runs to seamlessly integrate into scene
  • Map Zoom option for generation of larger tiles (with less detail)
  • Inclusion of transport kind detail condition for more refined transport styling
  • Major upgrade for transport rendering to control junction and intersection styles (currently in beta)
  • Option to render invisible transport networks if preferring image based roads during runtime vehicle simulation
  • Mapzen MVT format made available
  • Mapzen individual vector layer options made available
  • Option to not combine roads for access to individual street names
  • Updates to Map Cache - click to view / delete cached map server data

In addition we have a dedicated documentation site to go live that will provide much more in depth support. We'll put out a post when it's live later this week.

All this along with the bugfixes, stability and speed optimisations as well, there's loads reasons to pick it up if you haven't already.