Mantle 1.2 released, wicked new features

Over the weekend the kind folks at Unity approved the latest Mantle 1.2 release which is now live in the store. If you've already purchased Mantle you can download the update through the store right now. If you're yet to purchase it's waiting for you along with all our other standard features.

The New Year's fireworks had barely died away before our team started ramping up to the 1.2 build candidate and with the new core features as well as a host of improvements there's good reason to be excited.

1.2 adds a major new data layer feature - Map image tiles.
While most other mapping solutions focus on the map image tiles first, for us they are further down the food chain being categorised as decoration. When you're algorithmically building a 3D environment from scratch using data, pixels aren't the cleanest of sources.

Image tiles do however add amazing context to your environments very quickly and as they can be draped over terrain and building roofs while being handled at per style element level. It means you can colour and style large areas easily simply by using image tiles providing a workflow to fit the look of your project.

We've provided 5 different map image tile endpoints for you to experiment with and there's more on the way:

  • OpenStreetMap basic tiles
  • Mapbox Satellite tiles
  • Stamen Watercolour
  • Stamen Terrain
  • Stamen Toner Lite

Search and area selection UI has also been significantly updated.
There's no longer a requirement to use an external map website to grab your locations. Tapping the new Search button opens a window that provides dynamic address searching to locate the exact spot you're after. Once you've found the address the area is instantly previewed right in the window using a choice of any of the image tiles above to give an immediate impression of the area you've chosen.

There's a huge amount of new UI and even more features on the way! Sign up for the mailing list to get info about what those new features might be and get information about closed beta opportunities.

Happy building!