Mantle is sold as a per-seat license directly through the Unity Asset Store, making it easy for you to purchase, download and manage future updates.

Mantle works with both Unity Personal (free) and Unity Pro (paid) editions.
Mantle generated content builds easily to desktop and mobile.

If you are a large studio or corporate please get in touch to discuss our packages including corporate technical and developer support: sales@mantle.tech.


What you get

  • Full Mantle Pro license for generating environments at design-time
    Please note: Mantle Live for Runtime is in closed beta - contact us for more info
  • All 1.x upgrades included
  • Discount on future major version release upgrades
  • 2x premium Mantle Themes including all configuration, materials, textures and UV'd models - including basic vehicles!
    • Prototype Theme
      An environment 'sketching' theme that fills in all the details without overdoing the visuals so you can imagine your own projects in the same space
    • Eltnam Theme
      An example game theme that puts colour and movement together and demonstrates creative techniques for styling map data in interesting ways
  • Custom Mantle Manager Window, Location Search and additional UI enhancements
    • Tabbed UI in a dedicated Mantle Window
    • In-scene grid widgets and area labelling
  •  In-editor worldwide search-and-select draggable map!
    • Worldwide address search and geocoding
    • Live map preview and interactive area selection
  • Image tiles
    • Now you can project map tile image data selectively over landscape and building roofs.
    • Support for:
      • Five Mapbox image tile sets
      • Mapbox Custom map image tile support   NEW!
      • OSM informational
      • Eleven Stamen image tile sets   UPDATED!
  • Multiple map data sources now included
    Both include: transport routes, land use, earth, water and buildings with some height data available
    • Mapzen vector tile service support
    • Mapbox vector tile service support
  • Ability to generate planar landscape and water meshes across 30+ styleable land use types
  • Ability to generate building meshes with exterior faced decoration support across many types that support custom styles
  • Ability to generate full transport network meshes across road, train, path and waterways
  • Full directed graph simulation support for transport routes
  • Basic traffic simulation manager & basic vehicle simulation scripts


  • Technical Documentation (under development) with Quickstart guide and all technical aspects
  • Email support for technical difficulties
  • Email support for getting started as we build up our tutorial and technical docs

Please Note!

  • Mantle makes use of Mapzen vector tile map service:
    A free developer account is required to use Mapzen with Mantle so we strongly urge you to sign up for one and get access to the brilliant service they provide.
  • Mantle makes use of Mapbox vector tile map service:
    Mapbox provide a free API key for use with Mantle and while a free developer account is not required to use Mapbox with Mantle we strongly urge you to sign up for one to acknowledge the amazing service they provide.
  • Mantle requires an internet connection initially to download map tiles for environment creation. After you've downloaded them for each new area the downloaded tiles are then used so you can generate the same areas when offline.

Further Questions

If you have a technical queries or don't see something listed you were expecting please don't hesitate to get in touch: