Development Roadmap

We have a vision for Mantle that extends far beyond a single plugin on the Asset Store.

Obviously we’ll be keeping the fine details broad and it’s all absolutely subject to change but we want to keep everyone in the loop on features we’re hard at work on and are giving serious thought to. It helps you understand the vision we have for Mantle and how that vision can match the project needs you have as we evolve.

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Please note that these are indicative and subject to change without notice.
If something isn't listed here it doesn't mean it that it won't be developed - we may already working on it!

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Short Term

Think 'weeks'


  • Friendlier tab-based UI and general UI improvements - [UNDERWAY]
      • Allow easier Theme creation and management
      • Refactoring the Mantle Core object workflow
      • Refinement of area generation control and settings
    • 3D height-based terrain from elevation tile service - [UNDERWAY]
      • Full 3D terrain supporting object placement, building placement and transport route shrink-wrapping
    • Style generation refinements
      • Placement and generation capability enhancement
      • Integration of more map services and formats - [COMPLETE v1.1]
        • Support for additional map services to choose the most appropriate data for your project or existing workflow
        • Address lookup and Visual map search - [COMPLETE v1.2]
          • Eliminate the need to swap out to a browser for geolocations


        • Mantle limited free trial - [UNDERWAY]
          • An interactive demo of Mantle’s capability that allows you to try in Unity before you buy

        Medium Term

        Think 'months'


        • Custom layers - [UNDERWAY]
            • Workflow to place content at specific geolocations in your environment
          • Transport route detailing enhancements - [UNDERWAY]
            • Mesh combination and cleaning
            • Additional object placement capabilities
            • Work on Bridges and Tunnels styling and generation
          • Building roof generation, facading enhancements
            • Inclusion of roof mesh auto-generation
            • Updates to the building facade system
          • Enhancements to scene element editing
              • Ability to update elements in your scene by applying Styles & Themes directly
            • Smoother edit workflows
              • Enhancements to edit capabilities of generated content
            • Street and feature labels support
                • Addition of street and feature name labelling options
              • Satellite image overlays - [COMPLETE v1.2]
                • Overlay satellite imagery onto ground meshes


              • Mantle Runtime Engine - [UNDERWAY]
                • Use Mantle in your own product to generate environments on the fly
              • Premium Themes
                • Premium themes to get you up and running quickly

              Long Term

              Think 'a bit longer than months'


              • Level of Detail system
                • Full support for dynamic level of detail (LOD) control within generated spaces
                • Covering generated meshes, placed content and streaming management
              • Underground element generation
                • Add more detailed capability for underground content generation and styling
              • Support for other 3D engines
                • Have an engine or 3D platform in mind that you'd like to see Mantle support natively?
                  Tell us!