Mantle Style: Transport Style

Now that we’ve established the difference between the Mantle  Basic and Building Style, we’ll look at the last type: the Transport Style.  Within a scene, they can create the networked complexity which adds an intricate level of detail to each scene. It’s important to emphasise road styles because styled correctly they have a dominating impact on scenes.  The only style which does not feature terrain fill, the transport style is designed to enable you to really bring your world to life through placement of edge prefabs.

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Mantle Styles: Building Style

In our previous post we looked at the basic Mantle Style interface and how it’s broken down in the Inspector pane.  The Mantle building style is similar to the basic style in that it has the standard material and terrain fill setting, however there is a notable difference; Building cladding. This is one feature that can transform your buildings from simple extruded planes into detailed geometries.

You can check out the previous post on the basic Mantle style.

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The Mantle Core: An Introduction

To give you a better understanding of how Mantle's components work together, we want to start you off by introducing the most important Mantle elements that you'll be working with and in this post we're covering the first one you need to know about, the Mantle Core object, what it is and what it does in a scene.

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