Mantle Styles: Building Style

Building Style

In our previous post we looked at the basic Mantle Style interface and how it’s broken down in the Inspector pane.  The Mantle building style is similar to the basic style in that it has the standard material and terrain fill setting, however there is a notable difference; Building cladding. This is one feature that can transform your buildings from simple extruded planes into detailed geometries.

You can check out the previous post on the basic Mantle style.


While we covered materials in the basic Mantle style, it's worth pointing out again that adding extra material slots means that when Mantle creates a building that uses this style it will randomly choose between the available material slots. In this way you can have many different types of office block, shop or industrial building that can be randomly chosen to give your environment some variation.

Terrain Fill

Terrain fill in this Style type is very similar to the other styles where content is generated on the top surface of the mesh.  For buildings, the top surface is treated as the roof so you can easily place roof related assets. However, as mentioned previously, the option doesn't limit you to a particular type of asset and the only limit to the number of assets is the surface area of the building itself.  The larger the surface area, the more prefabs Mantle can generate on the surface.

Terrain Edge

Terrain edge on buildings works similar to all other terrain edges.  It takes the mesh and places assets around the perimeter of the building surface. It's worth noting that when placing edge terrain objects you have an option via On Terrain to determine which layer types are valid for placement. We suggest limiting 'on terrain' to buildings only as if you allow placement place assets on all terrain, then assets can appear anywhere around your building. This might be useful for your creation however!

Currently building terrain edges don't always follow the borders of the building.
This is due to the behaviour of how the mesh for the buildings are generated.  In some cases you may see a perfect alignment of what could act as a roof barrier but on other buildings, it may only spawn on one side.  We’re working hard to get more control over this for future releases.

Building Cladding

This feature allows you to clad generated buildings with object prefabs in order to add another level of depth to your scene.  

Building cladding is in early stages of development. We'll be adding more features and capability in future releases.

For the purpose of cladding placement buildings are blocked into three sections and within the building cladding settings, you can set the height for both the ground and top sections with the mid section being comprised of the remaining vertical space.

  • Ground level cladding  will place objects on the building sides from the ground up to the ground level height specified.
  • Top level cladding - will place objects on the building sides from the top down to the top level height specified.
  • With ground and top level heights specified Mid section cladding is any vertical side space that falls between these bands allowing objects to be placed here.  
Note that mid section cladding will only be applied to areas of building sides where the building's height is greater than both the ground and the top level combined. Mantle will clad mid sections upwards from the height where the ground level cladding stops.

Styling by Building Type

Lastly it's definitely worth mentioning that buildings can have a defined type. For example they can be an office building, a hospital, shop and a variety of other types. Each of these types can have its own separate style meaning that you can vary the materials, roof objects and side cladding for each type. Given that within each of these styles you can list multiple materials to randomise between this provides the option for some great variety if you put the time into creating them.

That covers Building Styles! Thanks for reading and as always if you have any questions or comments please let us know on the forumtwitterfacebook or email us!

Mantle Building Style Icon

Mantle Building Style Icon

Fig. 1 Mantle Building Style UI

Fig. 2 Terrain Edge option UI

Fig. 3 Example of Terrain Edge object placement

Fig. 4 Building Cladding

Fig. 5 Example of ground level building cladding

Fig. 6 Buildings styled by category